Some Poetic Studio I Wrote 5 Years Ago

  I close my eyes and breathe in slowly, filling my lungs with the lingering scent of the ocean air. I can taste the salt on my tongue, reminding me of the taste of the tears that roll down my cheeks and into the corners of my mouth when I am feeling wretched from a series of unfortunate events. But today, I feel the opposite. I feel serenity as I listen to the symphonic sound of the ocean. I try to imagine myself floating in the vast, unknown world of the big blue pool that covers most of the world that I live in. How could one travel the world without befriending the ocean? I breathe out. Overhead, seagulls make lame jokes at each other, or maybe at us. The waves break along the shoreline, right in front of where we are standing. I feel a smile spread across my face as I wriggle my toes, and suddenly all serenity is washed from my body quicker than rain washes away a child’s chalk drawing on a stormy summer afternoon. I want to leap and yell and run down the coast until I cannot go f

What To Wear Backpacking, Hiking, & Camping in the Wintertime + Rain Gear

 MEN'S LIST: Boots: Oboz Bridger 8 Insulated Waterproof Boots Sock Liners: REI Co-Op Coolmax Ecomade Liner Crew Socks Socks: REI Co-Op Merino Wool Expedition Hiking Crew Socks Camp/Sleep Socks: LL Bean Fleece Socks Pants: Prana Adamson Winter Pant Long Johns: Thermajohn Thermal Underwear  Rain Pants: REI Co-Op Xerodry GTX Pants Hiking Base Layer: REI Co-Op Midweight Base Layer Crew Top  Camp/Sleep Shirt: REI Co-Op Swiftland Long Sleeve T-Shirt  Fleece: Patagonia Micro Snap Fleece Pullover Down Jacket: Mountain Hardware Superds Stretchdown Hooded Jacket  Rain Jacket: Mountain Hardware Exposure Goretex Packlite Stretch Jacket Gloves: Metolius Insulated Belay Gloves Hat: Carhart Watch Hat WOMEN'S LIST:  Sock Liners: REI Co-Op Silk Liner Crew Socks  Socks: REI Co-Op Merino Wool Expedition Hiking Crew Socks  Camp/Sleep Socks:  LL Bean Fleece Socks Pants: Patagonia Quandry Hiking Pants Leggings: REI Co-Op Take Your Time 7/8 Leggings Rain Pants: REI Co-Op Zerodry GTX Rain Pants Hikin

What To Wear Skiing/Snowboarding

Women's links are first, men's are second. Theses suggestions can seem expensive but you can always find something comparable for cheaper. I recommend REI because of their awesome ethics.   JACKETS: All-in-one AquaTech (no longer being made), here is something comparable: Outer Shell Arc'teryx: Down REI Brand: MIDLAYERS: Half Zips: Full Zips:

Materialism: Is It The Key To Making Us Happy?

As a kid, I thought I had it all figured out. I was so fascinated by the sky we live under, and by those who explore it. I desperately wanted t o work for NASA and go to space one day. I vividly remember watching documentaries on PBS about space exploration and learning about the space shuttle, The Challenger , exploding over Cape Canaveral from a CD that I borrowed from the library. Even after this, I feared nothing, and I knew that this is what I wanted to do. One day, I excitedly told my father about my dream and he shut it down. “Choose something more realistic. You have little to no chance to work for NASA. Study hard and become a doctor. You will make lots of money and you will be very happy.” And from that day forward, for at least six years, I thought that I had it all figured out… again.  My new dream was to be a doctor because I wanted to make my dad and myself happy. In 2010, I met a local author, Hunter Darden. Darden is a columnist for The Charlotte Observer ; she compiled

Staying Authentic Online

So I can't say if everyone struggles with staying authentic on web platforms and social media like Instagram. Maybe some don't have an issue with just putting awesome pictures online and leaving it at that. I have this weird internal struggle with being my most authentic self online, though.  I don't have an issue being authentic in real life. I adore being around people, meeting new people, figuring out who they are, listening to their life experiences, and just hanging out with a mutual and subconscious understanding that our paths have crossed for now. I am a little introverted when it comes to winding down though. My friends give me shit for turning in early and drinking only one glass of wine. I have an urge to be the best version of myself everyday, but obviously that takes a lot of energy in our modern world. If only there was a way to get rid of all other distractions in life. I guess that would mean I would have to be completely minimalist and toss my technology. 

Plastic Use, Food Deserts, & Third World Countries During Corona

The Power Of Choice! As we go into July, the middle of the year, and we pass through the American Independence day... we need to remember that some of us have the power to choose. The power to choose to not make racist remarks, to accept your LGBTQ friends in your class, to go out of your way to fill up your reusable water bottle, to donate that extra bit of money to a non-profit that you care about. We have the power of choice with our actions, our money, and our social media. We need to be louder than the negative. Drown out the things that make this world seem so bad. Go out and try to make a difference, the power of passing it forward is strong. I realize that the pandemic has made it much harder to make green choices, I have fallen to the feet of feeling out of control. I have used plastic a lot these past few months, which is extremely hard for me because I was seriously on a high from being completely plastic-free for a while and reducing my carbon foot print by living i

How To Be Productive If You Feel Stuck

It can definitely feel defeating if you want to get things done at home, but can't seem to find a rhythm or routine because of outside forces. I recently took a leadership course through... you guessed it... Zoom, and I learned a few tips and tricks from the successful people in my life about how to be productive. They have been working from home for years, so I think they have it down pat. Some of these mental blocks can be a lot to get through, but it's really important to overcome and control your emotions rather than letting your emotions control you so that you can have a great day, even if you can't go outside. I know that some people who have lost their jobs have it even harder and can't seem to find a routine or purpose because there is no more schedule. Create your own schedule and find a passion project to work on. Network, talk to people, take classes online, learn something new, get a certification, etc. Think about this: Can you control this situat